Lauréats 2016

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Les lauréats

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
Egbert Welker
In recognition of his outstanding teaching of anatomy and neuro-anatomy and his faithful dedication to students

Outstanding Student's Guidance Award
Thomas Bischoff
In recognition of his continuous commitment to education of general medicine and his support to students within medical traineeships

Outstanding Mentoring Award
Nicolas Demartines
In recognition for his exceptional contribution to the training of young talents and for his commitment to the new generation of academics

Clinical Practice Award
Antonio Foletti
In recognition for his outstanding contribution to the improvement of the quality of patient care and medical practice

Clinical Sciences Award
Patric Hagmann
For his work in the field of neuroradiology and brain connection studies through NMR diffusion techniques

Basic Sciences Award
Nathalie Rufer
For her work on T cell responses against tumor antigens in cancer patients following therapeutic vaccination and naturally occurring immune responses

Jürg Tschopp Basic Life Sciences Award
Margot Thome-Miazza
For her key contributions on signaling pathways controlling lymphocyte activation and lymphoma development

Lifetime Achievement Award
Daniel Speiser
For his contributions on activation, differentiation and function of tumor-antigen specific human T cells


Les FBM Awards ont été remis lors de la soirée d'été de la Faculté au cours de laquelle les professeurs honoraires et retraités ont également été récompensés.

Photos © Heidi Diaz, SAM


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