Certificate of advanced studies (CAS) - Anti-Doping for Sport


Target audience

This CAS in anti-doping is intended for professionals who wish to gain comprehensive knowledge and competence of the diverse aspects of doping and anti-doping in sport. The course is open to practitioners from any discipline related to anti-doping sciences and operations boasting a University degree (at least BSc) or any equivalent degree of a higher education academic or professional program.


The aim of the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is to give the opportunity to the participants to understand how sports organizations do tackle the current challenges of doping and of the fight against doping.

The program provides organizational, scientific, ethic, sociological and legal insight into the field of doping and anti-doping. It will describe how it operates on a national and international level.

An international team of lecturers ensures that course subject matter is not limited to regional, national or sport’s specific issues, but covers all the issues that sport’s organizations, and more generally professionals involved in top-level sport must face regarding the doping and integrity issues. The course requires participating to two compulsory two-weeks modules. It represents 128 h of lectures and approx. 225 h of personal work (module and examination preparation).


  • To understand the general organization of anti-doping in an international context
  • To identify the main actors and stakeholders of the fight against doping in sports
  • To discuss the future challenges for the sport movement
  • To gain specialized and up-to-date knowledge in the field of science and biology for anti-doping
  • To expand the operational knowledge of testing and investigations in an anti-doping context
  • To broaden the perspective with an understanding of the legal environment from legislation to sanctioning
  • To establish fruitful exchanges for a wider network amongst practitioners taking the course


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