DCSR, A Gentle Introduction to Deep Learning with Python and R

Machine learning methods are nowadays used in a wide variety of applications such as image and text classification, and weather forecasting. In this course, you will learn how a very popular method, namely Deep Learning (or Neural Network), works and may be applied in practice by using either Python or R programming.
Objectives   Acquire the key competencies that are needed to apply deep learning methods to simple datasets.
Target audience   Any PhD students, post-docs, researchers of UNIL who would like to use deep learning methods in their research.

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to:

  • Understand how the deep learning (neural network) algorithm works.
  • Run a simple machine learning code in Python or R.
  • Be able to choose properly the hyper-parameters of the model.
Length   1 half-day
Organization   Every 6 months.
Location   To be defined or remotely
  • Basic knowledge of statistics, including simple linear algebra techniques such as vectors, matrices and matrix multiplication.
  • Be confortable with either Python or R programming.
  • Have an account on the UNIL clusters.


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