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Warning: mobile Printing with PrintOffice uses the user’s UNIL e-mail address to send documents to print. Before setting up the PrintOffice printer, the UNIL e-mail address has to have been previsouly configured on the mobile device

If your UNIL e-mail address has not been configured on your smartphone or tablet yet, please click here and follow the procedure according to your device.

In order to print on PrintOffice on a mobile device running Android or iOS, you need to:

  1. Download the "uniFLOW" application
  2. Set the "uniFLOW" application up
  3. Print PDF documents
In order to print on PrintOffice whilst using another kind of mobile device, you need to:
  • Create a new email with your UNIL email address
  • Attach the PDF documents you want to print
  • Send the email to


1. Download the "uniFLOW" application


In order to download the “uniFLOW” application, click on the button situated on the right of this page, according to your device. You will directly be redirected either to Google Play for an Android device or to the App Store for any iOS device.


2. Setting the "uniFLOW" application up

Once the application has been downloaded and installed on your mobile device, it is necessary to configure it with the PrintOffice system. In order to do so, you need to:

1. Open the “uniFLOW” application and click the top right button to open the QRCode scanner.
2. Scan the attached code with your mobile device.
3. Type in your UNIL username and password and activate “Register.”

4. Setup is now done. It allows you to watch the documents that you have sent and are waiting to be printed out.

Warning: an impression cannot be launched directly from the “uniFLOW” application. You will have to go to a PrintOffice printer to do so.


3. Printing PDF documents

To easily print on PrintOffice using your iOS or Android device, you may use applications such as “Crashplan,” “Dropbox,” “Google Drive” or any other file-sharing system application. Here is an example of a PDF document sent to impression on PrintOffice while using the application “Google Drive”:

1. Open a PDF document on “Google Drive” and click on the top right button.
2. Click the “Open in…” menu: a list of applications should appear. Select the “uniFLOW” application.
3. When the “uniFLOW” application has launched itself, choose the printing options desired and click the top right button.

4. If several e-mail addresses are configured on your mobile device, choose your UNIL e-mail address as sender.


5. The procedure is done. Click “Send” for your document to be sent by e-mail and subsequently printed once you have launched it on one of the PrintOffice printers.


Download "uniFLOW" ...


 ... on Android


... on iOS