FBM Awards 2020

Les Lauréats

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
School of Biology

Grégory Verdeil
For his substantial involvement in the Bachelor and Master programs of the School of Biology, including the implementation of a new intensive practical work in molecular biology

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
School of Medicine

Laurent Wehrli
For his undivided enthusiasm for education, his commitment to excellence in teaching and his continuous contribution to the introduction of the new reference framework PROFILES

Outstanding Student's Guidance Award
Cédric Mabire
For his significant investment and ongoing contribution to the program of the Master of Science in Nursing Sciences

Outstanding Mentoring Award
Friedrich Stiefel
In recognition for his exceptional contribution to the training of young talents and for his commitment to the new generation of academics

Clinical Practice Award
Philippe Maeder
In recognition for his outstanding contribution to the improvements of the quality of patient care and medical practice

Young Researcher in Basic Sciences Award
Thomas Auer
For his pioneering work establishing a new neurogenetic system model with Drosophila sechellia

Jürg Tschopp Basic Life Sciences Award
Ping-Chih Ho
For his work on metabolic regulation and cancer immunology, especially how immune cells adjust their activity in response to the limited and altered nutrient availability in the tumor microenvironment (TME)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Gian-Paolo Dotto
For his work on squamous cell carcinomas whereby he demonstrated that the same signal pathways can convey both a tumor promoting as well as a tumor suppressing effect. Dotto’s discovery has opened up new treatment possibilities

Communication Award
Cleo Bertelsmeier
For her outstanding commitment to the development of communication strategies for the general public in the field of life sciences

Equality Award
Béatrice Desvergne
In recognition for her sustained contribution toward promoting gender equality


En raison de la crise sanitaire, la cérémonie n'a pas eu lieu en 2020 et la plupart des récipiendaires ont reçu leur prix de manière informelle au courant de l'année écoulée. Quelques lauréat·e·s 2020 ont reçu leur prix au cours de la cérémonie 2021: Friedrich Stiefel, Philippe Maeder, Cleo Bertelsmeier et Béatrice Desvergne.

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