Reduced Teaching Load

Décharge de cours

The Direction of the University of Lausanne is willing to help postdoctoral fellows (Professeur-e-s assistant-e-s et Maîtres-assistant-e-s) to improve their research profile by encouraging them to submit applications for research grants (for instance SNSF/EU projects). The measure offers a teaching discharge of two hours a week for one semester. This allows candidates to concentrate on the preparation of project applications.

Deadlines: October 31 or April 30

The file should be sent to:

Dicastère Recherche

Christiane Chapuisat
Bâtiment Unicentre
CH-1015 Lausanne
avec copie à

Additional information are available in french in this pdf file:

 Mesure de soutien aux professeurs assistants et maîtres assistants


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