The UNIL in the 19th century


Vacation courses for non-francophone students wishing to learn French were introduced under the aegis of the Faculty of Arts.


The School of Physics and Chemistry was inaugurated at the Place du Château.


On the 10th May a law on higher public education was enacted which conferred the name and status of University on the former Academy. The Faculty of Medicine was founded. Alexander Maurer, professor of Comparative Literature and Rector of the former Academy, was appointed Rector of the new University of Lausanne. A total of 300 students were enrolled.


Creation of the School of Pharmacy.


On the 12th May a law on higher education was passed. The Academy thereby acquired the legal status necessary for its transformation into a University a few years later. Four faculties now enjoyed equal status: Arts, Science, Law and Theology. The Special School became part of the Academy, with the title of Technical Faculty. As well as awarding first degrees, these five faculties of the Academy could now confer doctorate degrees. The high school or Gymnasium was divided into 2 sections (Arts and Science).


Foundation of the Special School of Lausanne (later to become the Engineering School). The new school was founded on the personal initiative of 5 senior technicians, all engineers from Vaud, but educated in Paris, and professors of Mathematics and Chemistry at the Academy. It was modelled on the Central School in Paris.

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UNIL in the 19th century