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The quality of projects run by our researchers is rewarded by several external funds granted by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the European research programs, and other Swiss and international funds. Addtionally, we support the promising research projects of our junior researchers with the annual call for projects of the HEC Research Fund.

For funding opportunities, please refer to the webpage "Appels à projets" ("Calls for projects).

Swiss National Science Foundation

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is the leading Swiss organisation for the promotion of scientific research. More information on this funding agency.

  • Nigmatulina D.
    Trade, Trans-national Infrastructure Investments and Economic Development: Evidence from the New Silk Road
    CHF 487'434, 30 months

  • Zanarone G.
    Sustaining Credible Promises in Collaborative Relationships: The Interaction of Formal and Relational Enforcement Mechanisms
    CHF 523'200, 48 months
    Project partners:

    • ECARES SBS-EM Université libre de Bruxelles

    • Queen's University, Canada

    • University of Rochester, USA

    • Tuft University, USA

European funds

Several researchers from our Faculty have received funding from the European Commission over the past years.


Other Swiss and international funds

In addition to the projects selected by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the European Commission, our researchers receive fundings from other Swiss and international organizations. Furthermore, they also run applied research projects mandated by companies or public administrations regularly.

On this webpage, a selection of projects is presented.

Congressi Stefano Franscini

  • Peukert C.
    Grant for Conference: Mapping and Governing the Online World
    CHF 17'000
    Project partners :

    • Stefan Bechtold (ETH Zürich)
    • Florencia Marotta-Wurgler (New York University)


  • Krings F.
    “Inter-G”: Des interactions intergénerationnelles durables pour des entreprises apprenantes
    CHF 206'655, 18 months
    Project partners :

    • HE-Arc Gestion
    • HEIG-VD
    • Fondation AAA

Swiss Insurance Association

  • Wagner J.
    Research in Risk Management and Insurance
    CHF 65'000, 12 months, yearly renewable

US Air Force

HEC Research Fund

Every year, HEC Lausanne makes available a research budget destined solely for funding research projects of its doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and assistant professors.

The call for projects is announced to eligible researchers each year in September. For any question on the HEC Research Fund, please send your inquiry to the HEC Research Office.

We extend our congratulations to the following researchers for their promising projects:

  • Amirsiavosh Bashardoust

  • Anthi Kiouka

  • Badis Khalfallah

  • Dorsa Abdolhamidi

  • Evrim Yanar

  • Liliane Keopraseuth

  • Luise Eisfeld

  • Maria Pykala

  • Matthieu Jost

  • Tiffany Kreutschy

  • Tolga Depecik

  • Yashraj Shrestha

  • Zitian Qiu

  • Alessandra Maria Gargiulo

  • Diana Duque

  • Farah Mejri

  • Hrvoje Kurtovic

  • Jiewei Li

  • Robin Schimmelpfennig

  • Simona Haasova

  • Yiming Li



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