Group reflecting and acting against racism

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"Group reflecting and acting against racism" (GRAAR) is an initiative of and supported by the Institute of geography and sustainability (IGD). Our mission is to reflect on ourselves, IGD, and the University of Lausanne in the light of anti-racist theories and practices. We hope to inspire action to denounce racism. To do so, we meet several times per semester: we invite speakers to tell us about their anti-racist research or actions, we collectively read and discuss anti-racist works, we hold events and conferences, and occasionally collaboratively conduct anti-racist research together. Our members include people from the Faculty of geosciences and environment, UNIL’s Bureau de l’égalité, and the Association of Afrodescendent Students.

Contact: Gretchen Walters, co-hosted with Mathis Stock, Ariane Cosiaux, Samantha Sithole

Keywords: anti-racism, action, commitment