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Mapping Geoheritage
17-20 juin 2008 – Lausanne, Sion


Research on geoheritage assessment and promotion has increased during the last decade. To illustrate reports, geotourist products (panels, booklets, etc.), and inventories of geosites, maps have been produced at different scales. During the last workshops organized by the IAG Working group on Geomorphosites in Cagliari (2003) and Lesvos (2007), it has been concluded that more research is needed on geoheritage mapping methods, on development of specific legends, and on the use of new techniques of information and communication (NTIC) and geographical information systems (GIS) for representing the geoheritage.
The workshop “Mapping Geoheritage” is organized by the IAG working group on geomorphosites. It will take place in Sion and Lausanne, Switzerland, 17–20 June 2008.

The objectives of the workshop organised at the University of Lausanne are:

• to discuss respective experiences and needs in mapping issues in geoheritage and geotourism;
• to identify research perspectives in geoheritage mapping;
• to develop new methods and legends to be used for the cartography of geoheritage;
• to practice NTIC and GIS in mapping geoheritage



The workshop “Mapping Geoheritage” is organized by the University of Lausanne – Institute of Geography – in cooperation with the I.A.G. Working Group “Geomorphosites”. It is supported by the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment of the University of Lausanne and by the Working Group on Geotopes of the Swiss Academy of Sciences.

The aim of this workshop is to develop a common methodology for geomorphosite mapping by using GIS and ICT technologies. Special interest will be given to the preparation of maps for the local communities and planners as well as for geotourism activities.

The workshop is open to scientists and PhD students conducting research in the fields of geomorphosite assessment and mapping. The interested participants are invited to send an application accompanied by a short CV and a description of their research project or research papers and published maps, as well as an abstract for a poster or an oral communication to be presented during the workshop. Because of the use of computers and mapping fieldwork, the number of participants is limited.

Deadline for the application : 10 March 2008
Acceptance/rejection : communicated before 31 March 2008

The Workshop will include three days of scientific sessions, ateliers and a one-day field trip in the region.

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Regolini-Bissig G., & Reynard E. (Éds) (2010). Mapping Geoheritage. Géovisions 35. Lausanne : Université, Institut de géographie.

This volume contains 8 papers concerning mapping methodologies and techniques.


Download the volume or single papers