Legalisation and translations


It is preferable firstly to contact the recipient of the legalised translation (university at which you wish to register, etc.) to find out what type of legalisation will be recognised. Some institutions ask for the translation to be recognised by the embassy of the country that awarded the diploma.

In the Canton of Vaud, there is no legalisation of translations as such, but a legalisation of signatures: the prefecture validates the signature of the notary who validates the signature of the translator. In general, foreign universities are content with this official stamp.

Other cantons, for example Geneva and Neuchâtel, have a system of sworn translators. These are certified translators who, when they take their oath, obtain the seal which allows them to legalise translations.

It is perfectly possible to have a Vaud document legalised in a different canton.

Legalisation by the Canton of Vaud

The procedure is as follows:

  1. have the text translated by a Vaud translator and ask them to confirm that they have filed their signature with a notary;
  2. have the translator’s signature authenticated by a notary. Professional translators often have an accredited notary. The cost is between CHF 20.- and 50.- per document. The website of the Association of Vaud Notaries provides a list of notaries.
  3. have the notary’s authentication legalised by the Bureau des légalisations of the Prefecture of Lausanne (cost between CHF 15.- and 25.- per document)

Legalisation in other cantons

The Cantons of Geneva and Neuchâtel have a system of sworn translators.

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