ARCHIVE - First Indo-Swiss Joint Seminar

Social Dynamics and Wellbeing - Indian and Swiss Approaches (Bangalore, 9-10 September 2014)

This seminar was organised in the framework of the Indo-Swiss Research Programme in the Social Sciences. The two-day programme has brought together Indian and Swiss researchers to evaluate common themes of interest in the fields of Social Dynamics and Wellbeing.

A call for proposals for joint research projects in the fields identified during the Seminar was launched in autumn 2014. More information is available on the 2014 call of proposals webpage.


2014 Indo-Swiss Joint Seminar Roundtable (© Monika Vettovaglia)

Selection of presentations

Speakers Presentations
Prof. Claudine Burton-Jeangros Health and Wellbeing in Switzerland  (701 Ko)
Dr Urs Geiser Natural Resource Governance in a 3rd Sector Context  (5377 Ko)
Prof. Samir Kumar Das Governing Cultural Diversity and the Question of Well-Being in India  (116 Ko)
Dr B.K. Joshi (1) Environment & Development in a Sustainable Framework: Context Uttarakhand (powerpoint)  (6274 Ko)
Dr B.K. Joshi (2) Environment & Development in a Sustainable Framework: Context Uttarakhand (text)  (618 Ko)
Dr Heidi Kaspar Mobile for Health  (183 Ko)
Dr Reetika Khera Public Evaluation of Entitlements Programmes (PEEP Survey 2013)  (1650 Ko)
Dr V. Anil Kumar Can Indian State Ensure Social Cohesion?  (1577 Ko)
Prof. Katharina Michaelowa Environmental Politics and the Poor: Some Insights into Policy Making in India and Switzerland  (205 Ko)
Ms. Jehane Moussa-Simona (MA) Precarious Prosperity and Wellbeing: The Case of Switzerland  (2804 Ko)
Dr Swetha Rao Dhananka Understanding Political Opportunities and Rethinking Social Welfare Governance  (2214 Ko)
Ms Céline Schmid Botkine (MA) Well-being in the Swiss Social Report 2016  (199 Ko)
Dr Alois Stutzer Economics and Well-Being in Switzerland  (557 Ko)
Prof. Christian Suter Societal and Individual Well-Being in Switzerland and its Evolution over the Past Decades  (844 Ko)
Dr Sudha Vasan Himalayan Transformations: Socio-ecological changes in Himachal Pradesh, India  (26493 Ko)
Prof. René Véron Urban Environmental Issues in India and Switzerland  (5067 Ko)


Article in the Deccan Herald (9 September 2014).


2014 Indo-Swiss Joint Seminar Participants (© Monika Vettovaglia)

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