Spiritual coping and attachment

This research proposal has two main objectives. Firstly, it examines models of adult attachment in a group of 28 patients suffering from chronic psychosis and in a control group of 18 adults from a non clinical population. Attachment is assessed with the "Adult Attachment Interview" (AAI); the diagnostic evaluations are performed with the SCID and the symptomatic evaluation with the BPRS. Secondly, this research refers to many studies on spirituality in psychosis that have shown that, compared to a nonclinical population, patients make more use of spiritual beliefs / religious practices to deal with their problems. Thus it investigates some of the underlying psychological processes in this type of coping strategy, using the conceptual framework of Bowlby’s attachment theory. 


Doctoral thesis

Rieben Isabelle. Qualité de l’attachement dans la psychose et figures spirituelles. Thèse de doctorat en psychologie (soutenue en juin 2012). Université de Lausanne. Directeur de thèse Pierre-Yves Brandt.



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