Rules & Guidelines

Rules of the Doctoral School
Title Document
Rules of the Doctoral School 2023 Réglement_Ecole_doctorale_2023.pdf  (169 Ko)
Thesis experts reimbursement Thesis experts reimbursement procedure  (981 Ko)
University Direction Guidelines: Thesis supervision and co-supervision
Title Document
Thesis direction and thesis co-direction 3.11 Directives 3.11_Direction_2022  (135 Ko)
Doctorate in Life Sciences (PhD)
Title Document
PhD Rules 2022 Rules PhD 2022  (1082 Ko)
PhD directives 2022 Directives PhD 2022  (582 Ko)
Guidelines PhD Program Credits Guidelines_2017.pdf  (712 Ko)
Doctorate in Medicine (MD)
Title Document
Règlement MD (avant automne 2017) Reglement MD  (2723 Ko)
Directives MD (avant automne 2017) Directives MD  (89 Ko)
Règlement MD (dès automne 2017) Règlement MD 2017  (2669 Ko)
Directives MD (dès automne 2017) Directives MD 2017  (1366 Ko)
Règlement MD 2022 Reglement MD 2022  (517 Ko)
Doctorate in Medicine and Sciences (MD-PhD)
Title Document
MD-PhD rules Reglement_MD-PhD_UNIL-EPFL_2019  (2531 Ko)
MD-PhD Directives 2019 Directives_MD-PhD_2019  (2962 Ko)
MD-PhD Directives 2022 Directives_MD-PhD_2022  (571 Ko)
Doctorate in Neuroscience PhD
Titre Document
Rules Doctorate in Neuroscience Rules_Doctorate_Neuroscience  (600 Ko)
Study Plan Doctorate in Neuroscience Study Plan Doctorate Neuroscience  (116 Ko)
LNDS study regulations where you will be able to find all the Rules and Directives in French and in the English version
Doctorate in Nursing Sciences (PhD)
Titre Document
PhD Nursing Sciences Rules from August 2015 Rules_PhD_Nursing_Sciences_2015  (4175 Ko)
PhD Nursing Sciences Rules from August 2021 Rules_PhD_Nursing_Sciences_2021  (1119 Ko)
PhD Nursing Sciences Directives from August 2017 Directives_PhD_Nursing_Sciences_2017  (5033 Ko)
PhD Nursing Sciences directives from August 2021 Directives_PhD_Nursing_Sciences_2021  (863 Ko)
Doctorate in the Humanities and Social Sciences of Medicine and Health
Titre Document
Rules from September 19, 2023 Rules_PhD_SHSM_FBM_SSP_2023.docx  (284 Ko)
Directives from September 19, 2023 Directives_PhD_SHSM_FBM_FSSP_2023.docx  (233 Ko)
Ordinance of the University Council on the Coordination of Teaching in Swiss Universities

Section 4, article 11, letter c: Doctoral degrees awarded by Swiss universities in French, German and Italian.

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