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2 crédits ECTS doivent être obtenus avant la soumission de votre thèse à la commission MD:
  • Chaque présentation orale ou poster de votre travail en cours lors d’un congrès (ou à un public plus large que votre département) valide 1 ECTS,
  • Les colloques au sein du CHUV sont considérés comme des séminaires, sauf s’il valident déjà une spécialisation, 12H valident 1 ECTS,
  • Toutes les activités suivies doivent être considérées utiles à la thèse par le directeur de thèse pour qu’elles soient validées, celui-ci se porte garant en signant les documents du portfolio que vous nous transmettrez,
  • Les documents à remplir se trouvent sur le lien suivant (pages 2 et 3 du portfolio, et les pages concernées des "participation forms")
  • Vous trouverez en 2eme page des Directives toutes les informations concernant ces crédits à obtenir.
1. A Customized Study Program

In addition to your thesis research, you must take part in a customized study program and obtain 2 ECTS (1 ECTS is equivalent to 25-30 hours, including contact hours, preparation, homework, etc.)The objective is to improve your knowledge and competencies in the field of research.

What do you we mean with a "customized study program"? How to get ECTS credits?

  • Share your thesis research with peers & develop your scientific communication skills: Take part in national or international conferences (with an oral or poster communication as first author) and/or present your thesis results orally in front of a public of advanced researchers outside your department.
  • Enhance your scientific knowledge: Follow colloques and accredited seminars (within your discipline or wider) .
  • Acquire new skills: Take part in PhD level courses useful for your thesis research.

The doctoral candidate & the thesis director meet and agree about the activities that will be part of the portfolio.

2. Our recommendation

Our recommendation is to include at least one participation to a conference (with an oral or poster communication as first author) and/or to present orally the thesis work in front of a public of advanced researchers outside the department  (e.g. as an invited guest in another University). Participation to colloques and seminars is highly encouraged. Courses such as Scientific writing in English (min. B2 level) is also considered very useful. 

We propose also seminars & courses, please have a look at the table below.

You can propose other symposia/meetings & doctoral courses (always with the agreement with your thesis director), if these are pertinent for your thesis research and if they are of a doctoral level (the condition is that you do not validate them double, e.g. for another postgraduate Diploma).

Be aware that possible registration fees and other costs are not taken in charge by the Doctoral School.

Contact the Thesis Office in case of any queries!


3. Use of a portfolio

To demonstrate you took part in the MD program, you have to use the portfolio.

  • The portfolio has to be filled in regularly and signed by yourself and your thesis director.
  • As described in the portfolio, you should also attach the required certificates.
  • When submitting your thesis, you will send the completed portfolio. The mail address is indicated in the column on the right.
  • Should you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

A Customized Study Program for MD candidates - Read point 1,2 & 3 before!

COVID-19: Information about on-line courses 

During this period, your plans regarding the acquisition of credits might have changed... UNIL offers an access to on-line courses so that you can continue your doctoral program from home! More information.

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