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The Master of Arts allows students to acquire the knowledge and techniques required for a better grasp of the contemporary world and of cultural production over time.

The Master’s course offered by the Faculty of Arts covers a wide range of disciplines, from historical studies to theoretical approaches in the human sciences, languages and literature.

You will have the opportunity not only to acquire specialist knowledge in the human sciences, but also to approach your subjects of study from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The Master of Arts degree offers training in the following disciplines:

  • Classical Studies
  • Computer Science for the Humanities
  • English
  • French as a Foreign Language
  • German
  • History
  • History and Aesthetics of Film
  • History of Art
  • History of Religions
  • Italian
  • Linguistics
  • Medieval French
  • Modern French
  • Philosophy
  • Slavic Studies
  • Spanish
  • South Asian Languages and Cultures

At the end of the first year, you decide in which discipline you will complete your dissertation and you will engage in one of two possible paths : a Master of Arts worth 90 ECTS credits or a Master of Arts with specialisation worth 120 ECTS credits

Practical information

Faculty of Arts

Degree awarded
Master of Arts (MA)

ECTS credits

3 semesters

Teaching language
French and/or the language of the discipline studied. Recommended level: C1.

Admission requirements
Holders of a Bachelor of Arts degree of the University of Lausanne, or of a Bachelor of Arts degree of another Swiss or foreign university recognised by UNIL, are admitted without conditions to the Master of Arts degree course in the discipline(s) studied for their Bachelor’s degree.

Students who change discipline between the Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree, or are holders of a Swiss or foreign Bachelor’s degree recognised by UNIL in another orientation are admitted to the Master’s degree on the basis of their personal case files. They may be required to complete a catch-up programme.

In order to be admitted to a Master’s course at UNIL, holders of a Bachelor’s degree awarded by a UAS must prove that they satisfy the conditions for admission to a Master’s degree course in their own type of educational institution.

Enrolment and final dates
It is possible to start the programme of the Master of Arts degree in either the Autumn or the Spring semesters.
Applications to be submitted before 30 April (autumn semester) or 30 November (spring semester) to the Admissions Office:

Candidates needing a visa to study in Switzerland must apply for enrolment at least two months prior to the deadlines indicated above.

More information
Course description

Career prospects

By the end of the course, you will have acquired skills that are useful in a range of occupations, from the ability to analyse and summarise, to a critical mindset, a rigorous approach to interpretation, independence, organisation, argumentation, excellent oral and written communication, and the ability to convey complex knowledge.

These assets are greatly appreciated in fields such as cultural institutions (museums, thea- tres, festivals, foundations), publishing, educa- tion, media and communications, international organisations or event planning.

Our alumni have different positions, such as teacher, journalist, communications officer, researcher, editorial coordinator, cultural medi- ator, translator, web and new media projects officer, arts festival programme coordinator.

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