Master of Science (MSc) in Sustainable Management & Technology

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The Master of Science in Sustainable Management and Technology (MSc SMT) aims at equipping the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of the future with the knowledge and skills enabling them to steer the transition toward a more resilient, environmentally responsible and inclusive economy while harnessing the power of technology.

The program’s target is building competences along three dimensions: technology & innovation, economics & management, tools & skills for developing sustainable solutions. The SMT Master program is unique and totally innovative in that it focuses on all the three dimensions simultaneously and in a balanced manner.

The SMT Master program is intended for holders of a bachelor degree with little or no professional experience and it is meant to bring together students with either a management/economics background or an engineering background.
While it builds on theory and real-life applications, the program is committed to enhance personal and social skills by encouraging interdisciplinary team work on practical projects and by systematically mixing students of different profiles.
The formal course work and team projects are completed and enriched by lectures and workshops with experts from industry.

Practical information

The SMT Master is a joint program offered by UNIL-HEC, IMD and EPFL, on behalf of Enterprise for Society (E4S).

Degree awarded
Master of Science (MSc) in Sustainable Management & Technology

ECTS credits

4 semesters

Teaching language
English. Recommended level : C1.

Admission requirements
Candidates with a management/economics profile should make proof of a strong achievement record in courses related to data science and quantitative methods (e.g. probability and statistics, econometrics, machine learning, etc.), while candidates with an engineering profile should make proof of a strong achievement record in courses related to economic and management reasoning and modelling.

Enrolment and final dates
Candidates should apply on the EPFL online application platform until 15th April or 15th December for the following academic year starting in September.
The admission is based on the quality of application : excellent academic record, relevance of the Bachelor’s degree and motivation of the candidate (i.e. proven interest in topics related to sustainable management and technology). Successful candidates will be officially registered at EPFL with access to facilities on the UNIL and EPFL campuses. A number of activities will also be organized on the IMD campus.

Admission criteria

More information
Enterprise for Society (E4S)

Career prospects

The SMT master program trains the next generation of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to conduct business for the benefit of their organizations, the environment and society in general.
Graduates will be able to lead teams in multiple disciplines and solve complex problems in different organizations (corporations, startups, NGOs, governments).
They will also be ready to take non-traditional positions and pursue their ideas as entrepreneurs, by integrating sustainability largely defined in their core activities.

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