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The Public Management and Human Resource Management unit can provide its expertise in a wide range of projects involving management, organisation and human resources. The unit’s interventional philosophy involves integrating the client into processes as much as possible, with the aim of sharing its expertise, using the very latest knowledge in the field and respecting the organisation’s personnel at every level.

Management and organisation for administrations

This field has mobilised the unit’s skills in strategic, organisational and cultural management in numerous public organisations. Its interventions are always adapted to the organisational context and aim to use the client organisation’s margin for manoeuvre to the best possible advantage.

Job satisfaction and mobilising human resources

The environment within which public organisations currently work is becoming ever more complex. Indeed, the multiplying demands put on employees are often contradictory (quality of service, equality of treatment, performance targets, etc.). Sharp, analytical knowledge of both the quantitative and qualitative motivations of an organisation’s personnel, as well as what constitutes job satisfaction, is essential to getting the most out of existing talent at every level of the hierarchy.

List of consultancy services

  • Designing policies and systems to give HR direction;
  • Comparative remuneration analyses between the public and private sectors;
  • Developing tools to manage the organisation’s values and inspire its charter;
  • Analyses of how HR work and the overall HR master plan;
  • Surveys of employee satisfaction, motivation, involvement and commitment to the organisation’s strategic projects, covering all the institution’s staff;
  • Analyses for reorganising or merging institutions.


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