The Information Management unit offers courses and seminars within the Master of Advances Studies in Public Administration (MPA) and the Master in Politics and Public Management (PMP), as well as seminars for the doctoral program in public administration.

In principle, master’s theses can be written related to any subject matter concerning new information technologies in the public sector. The list below contains propositions of possible topics within the research unit’s area of expertise:

Digitalization in the public sector

  • Use and evaluation of new information technologies in the public administration (e.g. “e-ID”, “location-based services”, “open government data”, “smart cities”)
  • Challenges concerning the introduction of new information and communication technologies in the public administration (e.g. user resistance, data protection and security, ethical boundaries of the digitalization)
  • Digital strategies and their impact for the transformation and transition of organizations and society
  • Digital innovation and new business models for governance
  • Benchmarking and maturity models of digital services in public administrations

Technology for health, demographic change and wellbeing

  • Development and impact of new information technologies in the public health sector (e.g. digital patient records, robotization, physiolytics/biosensors)
  • Digital governance and new forms of data collection (e.g. data cooperatives for research, data collection for clinical studies)
  • Analysis of different aspects of digital innovation in the area of e-health
  • Technology-enabled interorganizational and interprofessional collaboration in the health sector
  • Patient inclusion (citizen science) and its ethical and technical limits (e.g. “data repurposing”, development of an infrastructure for “big data” analysis)
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Digital Government Transformation
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