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The CIVIS Alliance provides a new type of cross-border cooperation around five interdisciplinary thematic areas of research and education that are linked to the CIVIS values and closely related to the UN's sustainable development goals and UNIL's plan of intent

CIVIS for teachers means: 

  • An easier access to a European and collaborative environment (partnerships, funding, infrastructure, etc.)
  • An access to a platform for sharing best practice in teaching and research
  • An opportunity to consolidate your professional network at European and international level
  • The opportunity to design joint teaching modules and programmes
  • The opportunity to work on interdisciplinary and international research projects focusing on tomorrow's societal challenges
  • The opportunity to develop professional skills

For further information on setting up CIVIS course offerings or for support in designing digitally-supported transnational learning formats, such as virtual mobility and hybrid learning formats with CIVIS partners, please contact Ms Sylvie Kohli

Blended Intensive Programme

Blended Intensives Programmes (BIPs) are a new mobility format. Each BIP combines online teaching with a short five-day period of physical mobility (similar to a summer or winter school) at a CIVIS university with students from all over the Alliance.

CIVIS BIPs are published on the CIVIS portal (programmes currently open to students until April 28).

Calls for BIP projects for teachers are published on the CIVIS website.


The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Proposals must involve at least 3 CIVIS member universities
  • The teaching programme must be worth between 3 and 6 ECTS
  • The programme must be in a mixed format (virtual sessions and five days of physical mobility)
  • The programme must be linked to one of the Alliance's topics
    • Hub 1 : Climate, environment and energy
    • Hub 2 : Society, culture and heritage
    • Hub 3 : Health
    • Hub 4 : Cities, spaces and mobility
    • Hub 5 : Digital and Technological transformation
  • A minimum of 10 students must take part in the programme

BIPs may or may not be part of an institution's existing course offering. They may be entirely new courses or adaptations of existing courses, adding features such as hybrid teaching and the participation of other institutions in the alliance.


Teachers at UNIL can either coordinate a BIP or take part in one.

  • Coordinating a BIP involves organising the teaching programme and welcoming the students and teachers who are members of the alliance and who are taking part in the BIP. The ECTS proposed in the programmes must be validated in advance by the institution. The projects must also be validated by the Faculty Deans and obtain the agreement of the Teaching Department for Bachelor's/Master's programmes or the Graduate Campus for doctoral programmes. Funding of between CHF 6,000 and CHF 8,000 (depending on the number of participants) is provided to cover organisational costs.
  • UNIL teachers can be partners in a BIP, which means that the BIP teaching is coordinated by another CIVIS member university and that the UNIL teacher's mobility will take place at the coordinating university. Travel and participation costs are covered by UNIL in accordance with the SEMP teaching exchange principle. Funding is conditional on a minimum of 8 hours' teaching and 2 days' mobility.

Students enrolled at UNIL have access to CIVIS BIPs at no additional cost, but must have their participation validated by their faculty's mobility adviser via a Learning Agreement, which will determine how the course is recognised.


Mme Sylvie Kohli
Centre de soutien à l'Enseignement
Anthropole Building
Tel: +41 21 92 63 26

Networking and mobility activities

The CIVIS alliance provides a platform for collaboration and exploration for all of the university's missions. The CIVIS team is available to teachers who wish to make contact with colleagues from other Alliance member universities, develop collaborative projects or simply exchange information on CIVIS opportunities.




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