Contract extensions in the case of force majeure

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The procedure for extensions of contracts in cases of force majeure has been updated. As of today (1 October 2022), requests will follow the same procedure as for any other request for contract extension, but with two particularities:  

  • The Dicastère Recherche will no longer determine the duration of the impediments; the Graduate Campus and the Service de la recherche will nevertheless remain in support, at each stage of the process, if an external view is needed (contact:  
  • As far as applications for external / SNSF funds are concerned, UNIL (the faculty, subsidiarily the Directorate) will be able to compensate for a lack of funding from the donor, provided that the extension has been accepted by the latter.

Eligibility Requirements

Relevant situations

a) impossibility of access or severely restricted access to infrastructures, resources, fields, research data or persons crucial to the advancement of his/her personal research, in Switzerland or abroad;

b) impossibility to carry out the qualifying or formal steps necessary for the advancement or finalization of his/her Ph.D., if these are conditions required by the doctoral regulations of the concerned faculty.

These impossibilities must be due to an event that is unforeseen, insurmountable, resulting from external conditions and beyond the control of the researcher.

Concerned persons

a) graduate assistants and "premiers·ères assistant·e·s" on Vaud funds;

Similarly :

b) Ph.D. students, SNSF senior researchers, graduate assistants, first assistants ("premiers·ères assistant·e·s") hired on Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) or other third-party funding, according to the terms and conditions linked to their respective statutes/contracts.

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