Ergonomics (physical) consists of adapting working conditions to the human being and not the opposite, in particular:

- the work environment (light, atmosphere or climate and noise) to the physiological needs;

- the efforts due to the work to the specific capacities of the worker;

- the machines and equipments to the physical characteristics of the person handling them;


Offers of ergonomic assessment:

The occupational health nurses offer three types of services to UNIL employees in terms of ergonomics.

Collective ergonomic workshop Individual ergonomic assessment
Interactive group workshop on the basic aspects of ergonomics in workstation design Visit of the personal workstation, recommendations and proposals in ergonomics
Ergonomics when you work from home
UniSEP's nursing team offers ergonomic advice via video conference


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Offers of the sport and health center (CSS) and the university sports service (SSU):

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