Collective ergonomic workshop

The UniSEP nursing team can organize group "Ergonomics" workshops for departments and/or sectors of the UNIL. These workshops aim to address, in an interactive format, the basic aspects of ergonomics in the design of the workstation, particularly the computerized workstation. The workshops are facilitated by the occupational health nurse and practical advice is given, using a "test desk" and a paper brochure is distributed to each participant. The request for "Ergonomics" workshops must be made by the sector manager and validated by the hierarchy using the appropriate form (see below).

Target sector : all sectors in which questions related to ergonomics arise regularly and/or in which a preventive approach to ergonomics is desired. The workshops are particularly indicated for sectors where several people have made requests to the employer on ergonomics issues.

Number of participants : Depending on the size of the premises, this number can vary from 3 people to a maximum of 15 people.

Duration : A workshop lasts about 45 minutes. In case several sessions are needed to meet the demand of all interested people, it is possible to repeat them once an hour (maximum 3 sessions per half day).

Equipment and premises required : The department requesting the workshops must provide the facilitators with a room large enough to accommodate the groups, in which a "test desk" consisting of a work surface, a desk chair and a computer (screen, keyboard and mouse) will be set up to illustrate the advice given live. It is important that the furniture and computer equipment correspond as closely as possible to the participants' workstations.


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