International initiatives

Projects with UNIL privileged partners

UNIL's international strategy advocates setting up privileged partnerships with a limited number of universities. These are stronger agreements that enable close cooperation with regard to teaching, research and governance. Joint calls for projects are organised with some partners. An e-mail is sent to all UNIL teaching staff when a call is published.

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Exchange agreements

The International Relations Office offers administrative and financial support for mobility opportunities for teaching staff, PhD and other students under signed exchange agreements. Please contact the office if you would like to set up an exchange programme with a foreign university.

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Movetia international programme

The Swiss national agency Movetia launches an annual call for projects via the international programme which aims to develop cooperation projects with both European and extra-European partners. An email is sent to all UNIL teachers when a call is published. The International Relations Office can offer advice on submitting projects.

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Erasmus+ projects open to Switzerland

Switzerland participates in the Erasmus+ programme as a Partner Country and can therefore participate in certain Erasmus+ activities available in Switzerland. The International Relations Office can offer advice on submitting projects.

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Summer schools

The International Relations Office offers support for setting up summer and winter schools, as well as logistical and administrative help before, during and after the school. Assistance is also available for existing programmes.

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Welcoming foreign researchers at risk

UNIL is a member of Scholars at Risk, an international network of universities, which aims to protect researchers who are under threat because of their research, in particular by finding posts in the network’s member institutions for those who need to flee (generally, as a professor or invited researcher for one or two semesters.). UNIL teaching staff who would like to host an individual in danger should contact the International Relations Office.

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Joint thesis supervision

The joint thesis supervision programme aims to increase academic cooperation by encouraging PhD students to move between countries. PhD students on a joint supervision programme carry out their research under the joint responsibility of two supervisors (one at UNIL and one in an institution abroad). While they only sit one viva, they are awarded two qualifications, one from UNIL and one from the partner institution. Joint supervision involves signing an agreement and enrolling in both institutions.

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