Signature of an SEMP agreement

The SEMP (Swiss-European Mobility Programme, which has replaced Erasmus in Switzerland) is funded by the Swiss national agency Movetia. This provides funding for teaching activities with universities in the EU.

Possible activities
  • Maximum two weeks’ stay for a member of UNIL teaching staff in the partner university
  • Maximum two weeks’ stay at UNIL for a colleague from the partner university
  • Student and PhD student exchanges for one or two semesters.
  • Existing collaboration with long-term prospects
  • Planned joint activities (note: only teaching activities can be supported).
  • Promotion of exchange opportunities among students and colleagues
  • Possibility of both inward and outward student exchanges

Travel to the partner university for UNIL teaching staff

Stay at the partner university for UNIL teaching staff

Student and PhD student exchanges

  • UNIL students on an exchange abroad: CHF 320 per month and travel insurance
  • Foreign students on an exchange at UNIL: between CHF 380 and 440 per month, depending on their country of origin.
  1. Inform the International Relations Office when a new agreement is being planned (see contacts opposite)
  2. The International Relations Office will ask your faculty for approval by contacting the Head of mobility (the member of teaching staff responsible for international exchanges) and the mobility coordinator (the study advisor in charge of student mobility) if the agreement includes student exchanges.
  3. If the faculty supports the project, the International Relations Office will draft the agreement and have it signed.
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Current echange agreements for teaching staff