Welcome to the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences


Description, aims and objectives

Political Science, Social Sciences, Psychology and the Sciences of Sport and Physical Education are the four main disciplines comprised in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. Through political science, psychology, social psychology, sociology, anthropology and history, the Faculty covers the main fields dealing with human beings and their interaction with other individuals and society as a whole. The 4 degree courses offered by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences aim to create a balance between a critical theoretical approach, and the acquisition of empirical research skills specific to each discipline. All the curricula are organized in such a way as to provide both theoretical and methodological knowledge, as well as encouraging a strong empirical use of this knowledge. They enable students to acquire not only a general understanding of their chosen discipline but also of all the Social Sciences through the opportunity they are offered to attend specific courses given in other Faculties, such as law, economics, or linguistics.

Our students are prepared for a wide range of professions and choose to develop their career in psychological counselling and vocational guidance, functional rehabilitation, physical education, teaching, international organisations and NGO's, research in the context of public administration, social work, journalism and communication.

The faculty is characterised by...

  • a core curriculum which reflects the results of academic research into current subjects of debate and analysis (deviant behaviour, identity and policies that take account of minorities, communication, gender studies, migration, legal representation and rights of minorities, schools and education, sport and disabilities, etc.)

  • four undergraduate programmes in the social sciences with a strong emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach

  • individual help provided by an academic counsellor to guide students in their choice of curriculum

  • a wide range of post-graduate specializations