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Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

The topic

Modern societies are increasingly confronted with growing and diverse migratory flows (for example, immigrant workers, refugees and immigrants benefitting from family reunification policies). Multicultural contexts can generate problems, notably inequalities and discrimination. This course will provide the tools necessary for identifying the structural inequality or patterns of inequality resulting from increased immigration. It will also address the pressing question of how to best ensure immigrants’ integration into different societies.

This course will provide an overview of policies (and best practices) designed to foster the integration of immigrants in Switzerland and abroad. It will address the public policies that manage integration in a number of domains, notably education, the job market, naturalisation policies and subjects such as immigrant poverty.

This course will thus answer two fundamental questions. Which types of inequalities do immigrants in Switzerland experience and why? What are the best practices for addressing these inequalities nationally and internationally?


  • Examine the causes and consequences of inequalities in domains related to the integration of immigrants (education, the job market, health, poverty, naturalisation and political participation).
  • Examine the principal inequalities affecting different groups of immigrants in Switzerland (workers, refugees, etc.).
  • Identify the most promising public policies for facilitating the integration of immigrants based on the latest evidence in the scientific literature.
  • Reflect on the difficulties of integration in Switzerland and on possible solutions.
  • Analyse integration difficulties in Switzerland and possible solutions.

Target audience

  • Participants in the Master of Advance Studies in Public Administration (MPA).
  • Political leaders and administrative officials in the migration and social services sectors.
  • Social services professionals.
  • Representatives of political parties, interest groups and not-for-profit organisations.


  • French is the main teaching language for this program
  • More information available on the corresponding pages
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