Exam registration

  • Students enrolled in the Master’s in PMP and who are registered at the Lausanne site must register for their examinations using this link.
  • For more information, consultez la marche à suivre des inscriptions en ligne

Examination timetable

Combating fraud

Cheating - Fraud - Plagiarism

  • Any participation in fraud, attempted fraud or plagiarism is punishable in accordance with article 47 of the Faculty Regulations and article 56 of the Law School Regulations.
  • Any participation in plagiarism, fraud or attempted fraud will result in the student receiving a mark of 0 in the examination concerned, or the assessment of "non-acquired" in the assessment concerned.
  • In cases of serious fraud, attempted fraud or plagiarism, a mark of 0 is also awarded for all validations acquired during the semester and for all exams of the session.
  • Students are subject without restriction to the University of Lausanne's Code of Ethics on borrowing, quoting and using various sources (Management Directive 0.3) and to Directive 3.15 on handling cases of plagiarism in teaching.


  •  Students are obliged to attend the examinations for which they are registered, except in cases of force majeure.
  • In the event of unjustified absence from an examination, the student will receive a mark of "1".
  • Students who are prevented from taking examinations by force majeure or for good reason are required to inform the PMP Master's secretariat without delay.
  • Candidates invoking a case of force majeure must also submit a written request to the Student Secretariat, accompanied by supporting documents (e.g. medical certificates) attesting to the fact that the candidate is unable to take the exams, as soon as possible, but no later than three days after the case of force majeure ceases. The Management of the Master PMP program decides on the request, subject to appeal to the Appeals Commission.
  • In the event of an accepted withdrawal, the student is required to register for the exams from which he or she withdrew at the next examination session.
  • In all cases, the results of the tests submitted will be retained.
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