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Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

The topic

Health, education, high performance, the economy and sustainable development through sport

Sport today is a truly social phenomenon involving numerous actors, not only from the not-for-profit sector but also from the private and public sectors. This is a complex environment for sports managers to deal with.

When public administrations develop and manage their sports policies, they must notably consider the existing autonomy that sports organisations enjoy. Switzerland's Federal Council has identified those administrations' objectives as health and quality of life, overall education, elite sports and emerging talents, the economy and sustainable development.

The course's different modules will inform and help not-for-profit and private sector managers interacting with public administrations and federal, cantonal and communal civil servants to better understand their environment and attain their objectives.


This course aims to help participants acquire the management skills and tools necessary to operate sports organisations optimally.

It also seeks to encourage encounters and dialogue between interlocutors from different Swiss and international sporting horizons.

Participants will acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to take on management positions in public and private sports organisations that must interact with public sector stakeholders.

Target audience

This course is aimed at federal, cantonal and communal civil servants responsible for sports issues, managers in sports federations, associations and clubs, elite sportsmen and sportswomen seeking to reorient their careers, staff from international sports federations, and any persons interested in working in a sports organisation involving public sector stakeholders.


  • French is the main teaching language for this program
  • More information available on the corresponding pages
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