Timetables, course descriptions and Master Thesis

The timetables provided below are those of the current academic year. We cannot guarantee that these courses will take place at the same times next year. The timetables for the autumn semester should be considered provisional until they are confirmed just before classes recommence in September.

UNIL Academic calendars

Year 1: Core multidisciplinary education (60 ECTS)
Year 2: Specialisation (30 ECTS)

Specialisation in Lausanne

Transformation and Innovation in the Public Sector

Public Finance and Economics

International Governance and Public Administration

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Contact: Sabine Janssens
Tel: +41 (0)21 692 68 27

E-mail: pmp.idheap@unil.ch

Optional courses or seminars organised by IDHEAP (A2024, as of 18.04.2024)

Full information on these courses is available on UNIL’s faculty timetable platform.

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Specialisation in Bern

  • Management der öffentlichen Verwaltung
  • Öffentliches Recht
  • Politikwissenschaft
  • Volkwirtschaftslehre

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Contact : Linda Vonlanthen
Tel. : +41 (0)31 631 55 24
E-mail: pmp@kpm.unibe.ch

Specialisation in Lugano

  • Public Policy and Sustainability

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Contact : Gisele Nodiroli
Tel. : +41 (0)58 666 47 12
E-mail: orientamento@usi.ch

Year 2: Dissertation (30 ECTS)

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